Virginia Employee Retention Tax Credit


Are you a business struggling to file for an Employee Retention Tax Credit in the Virginia, area? Struggle no more for at ERTC Filing, we take pride in simplifying even the most complex of concepts. The Virginia Employee Retention Tax Credit is a CARES Act relief measure, intended to rescue businesses.

The Virginia Employee Retention Tax Credit is a fully refundable tax credit that employers who are eligible and who are able to keep employees on payroll. The Virginia Employee Retention Tax Credit can be claimed retroactively now, and we can help you with it.

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Virginia Employee Retention Credit


Earlier the Virginia Employee Retention Credit under the CARES Act was equal to 50% of the total qualified wages that was paid by eligible employers. However, currently employers who qualify and those who received a PPP loan, can now claim a Virginia Employee Retention Credit up to 70% of the qualified wages. Do not worry about missing the deadline for filing for a Virginia Employee Retention Credit, because there is time still.

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Virginia ERC


What wages qualify for claiming a Virginia ERC? The qualifying wages are those that employers pay to employees during a period of time. The qualified wages and compensation for a Virginia ERC also include health plan expenses. Another important factor that determines qualified wages for a Virginia ERC is the number of full-time equivalent employees your business had on board.

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