Vermont Employee Retention Tax Credit


We can help businesses retroactively claim employee retention tax credit in the state of Vermont and the surrounding areas. At ERTC Filing, our professionals know all about filing for a Vermont Employee Retention Tax credit.

They can help you take advantage of the newly extended Vermont Employee Retention Tax Credit, which has been designed so businesses can choose to keep their employees on roll despite challenges. We will determine your qualification for eligibility under a Vermont employee retention tax credit.

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Vermont Employee Retention Credit


Based on IRS guidance, there are some businesses that do not qualify for Vermont Employee Retention Credit. We can help you find out easily. One of the factors that qualify your business for a Vermont Employee Retention Credit is if due to some government order, you had to reduce your business hours or partially suspend operations.

Your business may also qualify for a Vermont employee retention credit if as an employer, you had a significant decline in gross receipts. In a calendar quarter, if your gross receipts were less than 50% of gross receipts, there is a chance you qualify for a Vermont employee retention credit.

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Vermont ERC


When calculating your Vermont ERC, it is important to know what wages qualify. Wages and compensation that are subject to FICA taxes qualify when calculating Vermont ERC.

Qualified health expenses also qualify when calculating Vermont ERC. The timeline for paying of these expenses differs for different businesses. It is important to remember that Vermont ERC can only be taken on wages that are not forgiven or expected to be forgiven under PPP.

Are tipped wages included in qualified ones? Do owner or spouse wages qualify? To find out more, talk to our pros about:

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